All of our team come from a wide range of design backgrounds, which makes us very different from other maker spaces around the world.  They are all here to build MAKLab into the service and studio that you need to prototype and test your ideas. 

They all bring with them different experiences of designing, making, testing, and manufacturing. The collection of skills come together to give us a breadth of knowledge and experience, which is on hand to help with your project, work with your company or share the skills you need to develop your ideas.

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Richard Clifford - Executive Director

Richard is responsible for the creative development of MAKLab and developing the network across Scotland, the UK and Worldwide.

He trained as an architect at Strathclyde University, Glasgow and the ETH in Zurich, Switzerland, and worked with prestigious architecture practices and is involved with teaching at many design and architecture schools across the UK.

His interest ranges from architecture and design, through to education, raising awareness, and regeneration through social empowerment, and has delivered keynote talks and presentations across Scotland and the UK covering a very wide range of topics. 


Alan Rochead - Technical Director

Alan is responsible for the operation, development and management of MAKLab's Manufacturing facility, which is equipped with a vast array of the latest, large scale digital tools. 

He is a logical thinker, with a strong technical knowledge, allowing him to work with our users and partners to develop appropriate means for productive of small to very large scale projects and commissions. 


 Matthew Paton - Technical Manager

Matthew is responsible for day to day technical training and induction of our members. 

Qualified as a Part II Architect, he has worked on a wide range of built projects both in Scotland and across England, with a particular interest in Structure and Construction Techniques.

He has experience across a wide range of design and fabrication, aiding the production process to achieve the best results.

Delphine Dallison - Studio Coordinator

Delphine is an artist who has often mixed digital fabrication and traditional making techniques in her work and likes to explore the intersection between the two. She has worked in collaboration with the Glasgow Women's Library and GSA Archives and Collections in some of her more recent projects.

She now coordinates our education program and oversees the activities at the MAKLab Charing Cross studio. In her spare time, she's an active founding member of the Art Shed Collective and volunteers for Wikimedia UK.

Debra Choong - Studio Mentor

Debra trained as an architect at The University of Edinburgh and has experience working with designers and architects in Scotland and England, and as far Brisbane.

Her passion lies in constantly learning new things, and building on the skills gained throughout her degree and travels abroad. She continues to discover new and innovative ways of creating and making. A firm believer of the ‘waste not, want not’ mantra, you will probably find her scavenging the workshop bin and making stuff from someone else’s scraps.

Andrew Tibbles - Studio Mentor

Andrew graduated from Dundee Product Design in 2012 before moving to London and started working on exhibitions, workshops and a film.

His degree taught him skills in user research, product development, sketch prototyping, highly resolved model making, electronics and programming.

His own work focuses on speculative design of current and future technologies, the sustainability and application of new bio-materials and how these could inspire new ethics and philosophical thought.


Iona Barker - Textiles Mentor

Iona is a leading, Glasgow based, theatrical costume designer and producer who has as well as working in film, TV, theatre and dance has also been the Glasgow Hydro local seamstress for top touring artistes, bands and production companies.

Iona is also the Creative Director for BeYonder Ltd, a profit for purpose business working within the education and small business sectors. 

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Brian Loudon - Rhino Mentor

Brian is a practising product designer, who has worked on a vast array of design projects from industrial devices to architectural components. 

He has a very in depth knowledge of Rhino CAD Software and helps train members and explore new ideas. 

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Mark Craig - Electronics & Arduino Mentor

Mark is a mechanical engineer with an interest in electronics and finding uses for MAKLab machines.  

He is also a workshop leader running introductory courses in 3D Printing, Arduino, Laser Cutting and Soldering.