Our low cost membership model allows us to train you to use all the equipment
distributed across our network of spaces. We give you the confidence and skills
you need to get started and continue to innovate. 


We operate a membership model for people who would like to use any of our spaces, the equipment they need and to get involved with any of the other activities going on across our network.  Your money allows us to train you, maintain equipment and invest in new technologies when in our facilities.

Why get a membership?

  • Access to our network of studios and facilities
  • Complete training on equipment
  • Reduced costs on materials and products
  • Reduced rates on workshops*
  • Studio space to work on your projects whilst you use the equipment
  • Help and advice from the team
  • Access to broad network of knowledge and experience
  • Invitation to network projects and workshops
  • Monthly newsletter 

*Occasionally our workshops are supported by external partners and as such may not be eligible for discount. 

Download members price list here.

If you're not interested in carrying out the work yourself but would like us to produce the work on your behalf please check out our Commercial Services section for more details of how we can produce the work for you. Click for more info. 

Membership Types

Our membership models allow maximum flexibility and support you in the way most suited to your requirements. The money you spend on your membership covers the costs of us providing standard training on all the equipment you need and is therefore non-refundable. 

If you have any questions about our membership types, what is included or need more detail, please contact us before taking out a membership.

Please be aware, all our membership prices are listed inclusive of VAT.

Student Membership
from 45.00
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Individual Membership
from 90.00
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Commercial Membership
from 255.00
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Concessions Membership
from 45.00
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Corporate Sponsor

If you, or your company are interested in supporting the work that MAKLab is delivering across Scotland, then you may be interested in a corporate sponsorship.  Each companies requirements are different and indeed the way in which you wish to support us, might also be different.

If you have something that you feel would help MAKLab, please get in touch. We are able to receive monetary donations, gifting of surplus equipment and exchange of skills. We treat every sponsor uniquely, and we always look how we can also help you. 

We are thankful to every generous corporate sponsor that allow us to continue our work. 

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We hugely appreciate the support from everyone we work with, talk to and have visited the studio. We receive donations that allow us to continue our work and provide even better resources and opportunities to more people every year. If you would like to send us a donation, please follow the link below.

Every donation means a huge amount to all of Team MAKLab and even more to the people we support.